Author Topic: Residents of New England and beyond. Come get all gored up by the best!  (Read 1063 times)


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Do you always have to be the one who out does all of your friends on Halloween? Do you always have to be the person who has the best costume and the best make up? The kind that likes to shock and disgust?

If this describes you then plan a trip down to Worcester, MA to the World's Biggest Halloween Superstore. The Halloween Outlet. I am a special FX artist there and do special fx make up applications. If you are tired of doing your make up yourself or simply want to bring more of a sense of realism to your costume then just using a mask, go ahead and give the shop a call and make an appointment. Leave your name and number and what day and time you want to be worked on.

For the number and more information on the shop check out the website at or shoot me a message


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