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Invitation to Modelers in the Northern Illinois Area
« on: August 15, 2009, 06:08:52 PM »
On behalf of Clint, the host of this monthly gathering, and with his permission, and inspired by recent discussion about UMA folks having places to gather, I am extending the following invitation to model/prop builders and aficionados in particular, and sci-fi/horror fans in general:

You are hereby invited to the monthly Model & Prop Group Meeting as hosted by Acme Design.

Acme Design ( is located at 37 N. Union Street in Elgin, Illinois.

The group meets the first Saturday of every month.  Doors open at around 1:30 p.m., and there is no set cut off time.  (We often stay very late.)

Meetings go kind of like this...

Folks bring things to work on, such a models they are building, special projects and so forth, and spread out in the workshop at Acme and work on them, while visiting with others.  The benefits are-- you get to show off your work, and there is experienced help handy if you want to brainstorm and problem solve something particular.  If you don't have a project, and just want to visit, you are still welcome.  (I'm welcome, and I have zero talent.)

Later in the afternoon, we generally collect money from the folks assembled (usually about $7 each) and order pizza.

In the evening, we watch a movie... sci-fi, horror, comic book hero, etc. type movies.

It's often more socializing than work, but it's a wonderful way to re-energize once a month in a friendly setting.  At model/prop group, you can geek-speak in safety, without any eye rolls or confused looks.  From classic horror to Battlestar Galatica, the folks in this group speak your language.

If you are interested, want more information, have questions... please send me a PM and I can hopefully give you the scoop (or point you the right direction).

I'm going to start a thread in the 'EVENTS' section, to do monthly updates on particular dates, happenings, etc. so please peek over there for additional information.  (I know double-posting is discouraged, but thought that a one-time heads up to this particular section would hopefully be appropriate, as this item is of such specific appeal to folks in this section.)


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