David J Skal 71

Started by Dr.Terror, January 12, 2024, 05:23:02 AM

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News broke that David  was the passenger in an automobile accident on Jan 1st and passed soon after. :'(
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Mike Scott

Shocking! Sad. Great writer. Have some of his books.
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Killed by a drunk driver on New year's Day..such a damn shame >:(

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Sir Masksalot

Every time my wife gets into her car, I advise her to "be careful, driving is dangerous".
'Could hardly believe seeing Mr Skal's name here in The Cemetery. One look at video
of the deadly collision confirmed it. I only met him once, years ago, but re-read his
books annually in the weeks preceding Halloween. He leaves a vital literary legacy
to monsterkids everywhere and a sad longing for all he left untold. Rest with the greats.


Terrible to hear. Love his work on the Universal films. RIP Sir


Never read any of his stuff, but his Universal Monster commentaries are quite good.


Tragic news. Was Facebook friends with him though I never got to meet or know him that well. A very insightful and knowledgeable man on all things OG horror. RIP! 🙏🙏🙏

Most Horrible

 I so enjoyed reading The Monster Show. 
Sorry to know of his passing. RIP

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Great writer-- have all of his books.