New Templates Now Available!

Started by fmofmpls, December 04, 2007, 04:01:14 PM

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Greetings! I'm happy to announce new template options that are now available!

There are three different templates that you may now pick and choose from.

The following templates provide the following schemes:

* SMF Default Theme Core - this template provides a white background with black text. The text size is large for high screen resolutions.

* Babylon Theme - another white background template with soft shades of gray. Text size is normal on this one.

* Dark Dirge  - this is our forum default theme with all the monster bells and whistles. Black animated cobweb background on white text. Creepy, but a bit heavy for dial-up users.

To change your template you must click on "profile" at the top main menu. Then look to your left for the  "Modify Profile" box. Inside this box you will see a "Look and Layout Preferences" link. Click on it. Then look at the top of your profile settings for "Current Theme". You will see the current theme that your using along with a "change" option. Click on it and pick and choose from among the template options.

Please note that some of the templates may not feature all of the options available in the forum's default template (Dark Dirge). This will be changed in due time.
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