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HUNCHBACK masks ~ another ten for the tenth
« on: July 10, 2022, 09:08:59 AM »
Whilst compiling images for my previous post on the subject, I ran across pics of
several others and thought they'd make for an interesting topic on their own.

As a performance and a makeup, 1939's Hunchback stands tall as his bell tower itself.
Decades later, The Halloween Society honored Laughton's portrayal with a foam-filled bust >


Decades ago, late author Bill Warren was seen scuttling around a convention in full costume as Quasimodo.
Makeup men Craig Reardon and Rick Baker are said to have been involved as well >


Mr Baker also created a Hunchback mask on his own. It's not known whether any castings
exist outside his own personal copy >

I photographed a later Quasimodo mask at a local convention. If memory serves,
its creator was also involved with the magazine depicted >

They all did a great job ... until we saw Mike Hill's at Monsterpalooza 2011. Any further attempts
at Laughton's Hunchback will have to be measured against his >

Dick Smith created a Quasimodo-inspired makeup for a 1961 episode of "Way Out".
Recasts off the original exist in a few private collections but my chance at one already expired >


Canadian Tony Pitocco recreated 1957's makeup for Dr Shocker's collection. I've only ever seen
this lone casting, leading me to believe it may have been a one-off commission >

Deathstalker Studios took its cue from Don Post's earlier 150 line Hunchback
when it created this tribute mask in 2010. A mere half-head sized for a child,
I mounted mine on a base for display purposes >

The Great CoverUp catalogued a Hunchback mask in 1997 but I've never seen one
up close, "in the wild" or in someone's collection. It appears GCU didn't think much of it
either, having not even bothered to trim the base flashing off their prototype >

If you thought that was bizarre-looking, wait until you see the one concocted by Distortions
Unlimited in the mid 1990s. On spotting one in a costume shop years ago, I didn't initially
recognize it as Notre Dame's legendary bellringer >

Trick or Treat Studios, Savage Eye, Be Something, Topstone; all have marketed Hunchback masks
but images of them are absent from my files. Here's where you come in. Reply with more pics of
Quasimodo/Hunchback masks. Maybe we'll crown yours our next King of Fools.

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Re: HUNCHBACK masks ~ another ten for the tenth
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some of those are really cool  >:D

here's some HUNCHBACK mask pics i found on my pc (dont own any of these) :

^West German


Travelers? ^

Illusive Concepts? ^

BSS / Zagone  ^



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Re: HUNCHBACK masks ~ another ten for the tenth
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What's with the Hunchback Hitler?

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Re: HUNCHBACK masks ~ another ten for the tenth
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What's with the Hunchback Hitler?

'Just Traveler Trading. Everything they touch turns to trash.


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