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JAMES BAMA's Aurora cover paintings
« on: February 19, 2009, 03:48:44 PM »

We are editing an interview we filmed with artist JAMES BAMA in his Wyoming studio, plus
 comments by artist DANIEL HORNE, which we plan to premiere at "Wonderfest".  We need any
help you can give us of large image quality photos 72 to 300 DPI, of any of the original Aurora
paintings of James Bama.  In particular, his paintings of "Dracula", "The Phantom", and "Dr. Jekyll
as Mr. Hyde" - which have been partially painted over by another artist.  We are sure some collector
has these, all we have is very small images, with little detail.  Also, if anyone has 1960's color ads
for Aurora, which has variations of Bama's work.  Anyone that can help us, will be given credit on
our documentary, "Legends Of Film & Fantasy" - we will also give you a DVD copy of the segment
in advance.  But we need large detailed images - not postage stamp size, that is important.  Please
let us know, and we can get in direct contact.  PLEASE - there is a time factor here - get in touch as
soon as you can!
Thank you - Cortlandt Hull & Dennis Vincent


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