"Destination Inner Space" (1966) Coming to DVD on May 17th!

Started by Radioactive Rod Whitenack, May 08, 2011, 10:23:25 PM

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Radioactive Rod Whitenack

I've wanted to see "Destination Inner Space" for years. I've seen pictures of the huge, rubber Creature from the Black Lagoon knock-off suit in books, magazines and websites, but I've never been able to see the fantastic looking underwater adventure it appears in. I was just browsing thedigitalbits.com and discovered it's coming out on DVD May 17th.

I sent an email to Wonderfest's Dave Conover, who got very excited, as he had seen it last on a Friday movie night in his elementary school auditorium. This title might well be of interest to the UMA as a whole.


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Oh, man! I've seen this a few times, but not in a number of years. I DO remember that colourful suit getting into some rockem' sockem' action with the actors. Of course, I also remember seeing the "underwater lab" and wondering why they were showing us a little plastic model sitting on a rock. It wasn't until years later that i realized 'that was supposed to be the undersea lab"!!  :)
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The acting and the sets are as about as credible as an Ed Wood movie, but the monster looks pretty good. They must have exhausted the budget on his costume. ;)

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I LOVE this movie! It's great to see Mike Roads, the voice of Race Bannon, and the monster is very cool. A very fun 60s drive-in/afternoon Creature Feature movie.
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