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OFF TOPIC - A project I'm working on...
« on: October 25, 2016, 03:33:58 PM »
I originally wanted to post this in the "Horror Literature" section, but with there being new posts there almost every five hours, I was worried that potential supporters of the project that I'm about to discuss might not see this.  Thankfully, I got the OK from Mike Scott to post this under the "Masks and Busts" section for the time being.  Thanks again Mike! ;)

Back to the subject, for about 3 - 4 years I have been working on a story (as in a novel/book) that takes place during the Halloween season.  At the time of writing this, the story is (for the most part) finished and ready for publishing.  I am currently looking into finding a publisher for this story and would appreciate proof of interest if any members here would be interested in such a project.  To give you all a better idea as to what this story really is, here is a bit of plot info: the story is essentially about a group of high school seniors who gather together to hunt down a vicious killer and his/her/their group of supernatural monsters.  I can't give away anything else regarding details of the plot at this time (or at least not in this public post), but I will raise your hopes a little higher by confirming that there is way more plot and depth to this story than the minor details that I just gave you.  Those of you who are interested in this project might want to shoot me a PM, as I might be able to provide a bit more plot details and a preliminary image of the cover art, if you ask nicely and promise keep it all a secret. ;D

Here is a little more info regarding the story:

1. As a printed paperback book, the story would probably be around 80 - 100 pages.

2. The age range that the story is aimed at is generally those 16 and older.  Teens might enjoy it, minus the lack of sex.  :laugh:

3. In terms of the price, I would guess that paperback copies of the story would cost anywhere as low as $10 to about $20 at the very max.

Thanks for looking,
Chakor Channing

...and, Happy Halloween.
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