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Zacherley The Cool Ghoul Collection
« on: April 08, 2021, 05:21:20 PM »
Just Kids is proud to announce The Arnie DeGaetano John Zacherle Collection eBay. Arnie was a long time fiend of The Cool Ghoul, everyone's favorite horror host.
John Zacherle was known as Roland in Philly & Zacherley in New York. He was "The Cool Ghoul" to everyone! Zach was a regular guest at Kevin Clement's. Chiller Convention in New Jersey. Arnie & Zach have passed, we are hoping this collection can serve to honor them both.

175 Rare Monster and Zacherley items. Toys, Posters, Models, Masks, Fan Club Items, Autographs, Photographs, Signed Contracts.

IMPORTANT! Rare props used by Zach on his TV shows, Shock Theater & Zacherley at Large.
ALSO IMPORTANT! Original Oil Paintings by some of the monster greats, like Ken Kelly & Daniel Horne.
AND MOST IMPORTANT! The original Undertaker Coat, Necktie & Jewel that Zach wore on air.
And Much More!

Not to be missed by Monster Movie Fans, Horror Show Host Fans or Zacherley Fans.

View the listing on ebay: or visit our website for more info:


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