Author Topic: Dr. Shocker presents AN ELECTION WE CAN ALL SINK OUR TEETH INTO!  (Read 291 times)


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Dear freinds,

Politics is on our minds. Hard for it not to be.

Our politics unite us, divide us, depress us and excite us!

But friends, The folks who brought you Dr. Shocker's Halloween Spooktacular back in 2005 will now enter this dangerous and enthralling world of the Political Arena.

On October 27, 2012 and coinciding with the amazing SON OF MONSTERPALOOZA, the Alex Theater Film Society will present the 1943 Universal classic, FRANKENSTEIN MEETS THE WOLFMAN,

To celebrate the monster match up, Dr. Shocker will present FRANKENSTEIN MEETS THE WOLFMAN, THE PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE!

We will perform a matinee at 2:00 pm and an evening show AT 8:00 pm.

Attendees will have a chance to have their photograph taken with the candidates before the presentation, watch their political commercials, witness the history making monster match up debate and cast their vote for the winner in what will prove to be a real crowd pleaser of an event.

The live debate between The Frankenstein Monster , a member of the ELECTRICAN party and the Wolfman running on the LYCANCRAT ticket will be hosted by Timothy E. Goodwin during the 2:00 PM matinee show and by CNN reporter Jim Roope for the 8:00 PM evening show. Aside from Daniel Roebuck as the Wolfman and John Goodwin as The Monster, the cast will also feature Spooktacular alumni, Jesse Adams, Steve Christopher, Aaron Lewis and Tim Keegan. David Hansen- Sturm of Twin Palms Media will collaborate with Roebuck on the political ads.

Of course there will also be some terrific surprises, probably at the 8:00 PM show. Attendees of Son of Monsterpalooza will enjoy a reduced ticket price when buying tickets at the box office on the day. However tickets might sell out.

Please note that all images are copyrighted.  Should you wish to have these images on a number of crazy items (shirts, pillows, etc) please check out our wonderful cafe press site listed in the for sale forum.

May the best monster win!

We hope to see you there!!
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