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Started by hhwolfman, December 01, 2007, 05:29:21 PM

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...and now the kids here at the HMA are crazy for these cromos! ;)  I just can't believe they made a Langdon Zombie card!  That is a true testament to the global cultural impact of that seemingly obscure mask.  How cool!   :)


Sometimes when we get together it just seems like a GAY OL" TIME!

Both married with kids, btw! So don't get any funny ideas!!!!!!!


I see Reddy Killowatt in the background!! Haven't seen him for years around these parts since they tore down the power station. He used to sit on the side of one of the towers, glowing red and bright along I-75 going into downtown Dayton!




Hey, I shared that set with Verne and he found this!

Check it out!

The Drunken Severed Head

Thanks for the log address, Dan!

Jane and I think the Darth Vader with blood dripping from his mouth is hilarious!


Quote from: gracebuster on February 09, 2008, 04:47:46 PM
Hey, I shared that set with Verne and he found this!

Check it out!

Yes, in this web are all the cards, except 1, the 31, that is The Carroñero!!!
These cards rules!!! hehehe.

The Phantom Creep

Wow what a crazy set, love the bloody Vader and of course the Langdon Zombie. It looks like that one guy was taken from the movie Squirm maybe?
"Ladies and gentlemen, please do not panic. But  SCREAM!! Scream for your lives!!"


Quote from: ZOMBOPHOTO on February 09, 2008, 07:15:49 PM
Wow what a crazy set, love the bloody Vader and of course the Langdon Zombie. It looks like that one guy was taken from the movie Squirm maybe?

Hehehe, yes the squirm guy is the 57 "El agusanado" Squirm = Gusano :) But all the cards are copies from everyplace. The Bloody Darth Vader have triumph!!! I remember when I was a child this cromo was a cult, because all the people loved Star Wars in that moment, and the same for ET, the Extraterrestial. But there are more copies!!! take a look to the number 27 "Dragón Tauro", is taken from "Curse of the demon" movie, and the 69 "La bruja" (The witch), is the same witch created for Harryhausen a lot of years ago in his fairytales Stop Motion animations. There are a lot of cards that are copies of another spanish collection called "Otros Mundos", later I upload scans. Otros Mundos it was together with "Monstruos" my 2 favourites Trading Cards collections of the 80's. There are very speciall for me, because I was 8 years old with "Otros Mundos" and 10 years old with "Monstruos". I remember that I was obsessed with these collections.


Here is part of the "Otros Mundos" collection. The scans are a little cut, because my scan is smaller that the album :( But you can make a idea the greatest collection that was "Otros Mundos", from 1984.


Very cool, thanks for the link, Dan.  It's great to see the detailed scans of these.  These cards are very representative of what I love about monster toys; the cool, artistically off-kilter renderings of these monsters remind me of the AHI monster packaging as well as lots of other 60's items.  Fun stuff.


Definitely some awesome collections!  I'm currently working on finishing my basement to display my meager little collection.  Any Myspacers are welcome to check out my page, I've recently gone through and cataloged most of my stuff:

And here are a few pictures;
This thing is 8 ft long..

Happened to come across this in some antique store in Hannibal, Mo.

An as of yet unreleased collection from Hawthorne collection, still have hopes that this goes into production.

What would you like on your tombstone?  I have a Dracula one of these as well, does anyone know if there was a Wolfman, Bride, Frankenstein monster or Creature?

This is another promo flyer for an unproduced Hamilton collection.

And finally my Ebay win last week...just got it in the mail today!


Great stuff Zombiehorror, I have seen your myspace, you have a great collection of modern stuff.

Tom Smith Monsternut

Here is a fun Monster bash display from a few years ago. I got all the posters ,cards ,and box from this ad campaign to..
Anyone want to see them ?


Tom Smith " Dr. Deadly"

mike c

Various views of our bedroom; you have to love a woman who'll let you do this to a room! I painted it up to look a little tavern-like, adding cracks and stones, etc. At any rate, here ya go--

First, the Classic Monsters! Sideshows (apologies to some of youse guys!) on the top two shelves, then some Megos, AHIs, etc... and of course, my UMA buttons proudly displayed to the lower left:

Another angle, and the Haunted Mansion figures on the smaller bottom shelf:

The Nightmare Before Christmas collection to the left of the Universal shelf (that's a Twelve Faces of Jack, #68, signed by Tim Burton, to the right):

The smaller set of Monster shelves, opposite the Universal shelf. Zombie shelf at bottom, Kong at the top. It made sense to me... and yes, Edward Scissorhands fell over. The guy's got scissors for hands, give 'im a break. Oh, and below, Dr. Pretorius presides over the Franklin Mint Universal Monsters knife set:

The Sleepy Hollow shelf, with some Disney and some Burton... the Horseman model kit (far left) is holding Burton's head:

Then the model shelf, mostly Auroras, most 70's Glow, a few Monogram reissues... and some Aliens:

Eh, I wish I had the money and room to get more deeply into the 60's era of monster toys, but such is my fate. I'm sure digging what I HAVE collected!

Mike C.


Nice collection Mike! Thanks for sharing those pics! Loved viewing them this morning as I sipped my coffee. Salute!
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