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Modern Monster Movies / Re: 80s Horror! Yes, please!
« Last post by marsattacks666 on September 23, 2022, 06:48:14 PM »
The first one may be the classic, but none of the films capture the Halloween spirit quite like III.

Modern Monster Toys / Re: Neca Zombo SDCC Exclusive Figure
« Last post by Farley Flavors on September 23, 2022, 06:23:36 PM »
I'm sorry to bump this thread again, but I just wanted to vent somewhere. Feel free to ignore.

I now have better insight into NECA's point of view. A few weeks after I pre-ordered the figure, I was facing an imminent and unexpected move. I wasn't sure I'd even be at my current address before the figure was delivered. Since I'd read this company is virtually useless when it comes to updating shipping addresses for existing orders (so many horror stories), I asked them if they could cancel the order for me. They ignored the message for over a week before sending a shipping notice. Thankfully, I got to stay put and any delivery problem ended up being a non-issue.

It seems after I told NECA the figure was defective, they must have presumed I was trying to commit return fraud based on the earlier cancellation request? That's total rubbish, but it appears to be where we're at. Anyway, all I asked was for them to confirm they would issue a full refund after I sent the figure back and it passed their arbitrary "inspection" process. They deliberately avoided the question, which was raising a major red flag with me. After I asked them a third time, they responded with: Any further communication about this issue will be ignored. I told them that was rude and unwarranted. They implied I was being difficult and acting suspicious by not trusting them, then proceeded to call me out for the previous cancellation attempt. They said they had just revoked my return label (so glad I hadn't already dropped it off). I was instructed to keep the item and that they had issued a $14.99 shipping refund as a solution since I was not willing to provide photos - which was untrue.

So I was annoyed. So I called them up. So I managed to get the guy on the phone. He immediately started in on me: "You've sent way too many message already and have pushed this issue further than ANY customer we've dealt with all year. You do realize this, correct? Yet you keep on pushing it. From our end, the matter is closed." I was gobsmacked, but told him the matter would be closed when they fixed the issue - not just refund the shipping charges. And for the record, I counted 14 e-mails sent over the course of a month. Some were duplicates after my original message was ignored - and half of them were brief ones sent this morning after unsuccessfully going back and forth attempting to get a simple answer out of this company.

This guy told me my e-mails were "circumspect" and accused me of arguing. Why? Because I repeatedly asked them to confirm a full refund would be given once the figure passed "inspection"? For that, they treat me like I'm attempting fraud? I'm well aware that none of this is even worth the fifty dollars I might hope to get back, but it was the point of the thing. This person would not be reasoned with (believe me, I spent fifteen minutes trying). He said another return label was out of the question and no full refund or exchange would be granted. He told me to file a dispute if I wanted my money back - which I did after finally hanging up out of sheer disgust. Ugh... I've never disputed a charge before now. Regardless of the outcome, I was so offended that I canceled my NECA pre-orders (over $300 worth) once I got home. Yikes. :(
Masks and Busts / Re: lack of great Creature hand problems resolved!
« Last post by GeorgeHere on September 23, 2022, 06:07:08 PM »
They come with a grey three inch by three inch  fold open card that has Universal Monsters printed on it, and made in Mexico on the back.  No date anywhere, not even on the latex hands!   I think they are old and never used, being they still had the card.  The  chap on ebay, and two sets for forty dollars each set of two, plus postage.  I was not looking for creature hands, but just any kind of useful hands.  Never give up looking for what you will to obtain; though it might take awhile---it must needs appear!  If one goes to Google images and types in Rubies Creature of the Lagoon hands, one can go to the Amazon link that seems to show up, but currently unavailable.   I think two kinds of Creature hands could possibly have been offered by Rubies at one time or other: these--being possibly older, than a smaller but equally detailed version.  One thing that stands out---is that the wrist area is very wide;  6 1/2 to 7" across--possibly a little more.
Classic Monster Movies / Re: Classic Horror/Sci-Fi GIFs
« Last post by Memphremagog on September 23, 2022, 05:36:09 PM »
First Men In the Moon(1964)


Conquest Of the Planet Of the Apes(1972)

Memorable Memorabilia / Re: Screen Used Wolf Man Cane?
« Last post by MonsterBaker666 on September 23, 2022, 05:32:22 PM »
I see Factory Ent just changed the image of the wall mount plaque to reflect the new poem.  Other sites haven't changed it yet.
Modern Monster Toys / Re: THE 2017 DD CAFE MENU.
« Last post by Anton Phibes on September 23, 2022, 05:16:05 PM »
Is it that time of the month again for some hints? Maybe a special halloween drop?!


October's offerings run a tad further into the realm of the contemporary, rather than old school or 80's fare. One is an Insidious little number about a persistent and incredibly patient stalker. The other being a little closer to home. Hanging around since day 1. This fella really gets inside the person he is stalking's head. He just can't seem to leave folks alone. An evil, Malignant little cancer of a beast.

Buh bye. :angel: ;D
Monsters For Sale / Re: Freddie Poe selling Marx Phantom prototype!
« Last post by Hepcat on September 23, 2022, 04:13:26 PM »
Even Freddie doesn't have any of the SPP plaques.

Monster Kits / Re: Some of my monogram model of the monsters
« Last post by Mike Scott on September 23, 2022, 03:32:22 PM »

It's as if Sinaimg has taken measures to prevent hot-linking internationally.

Could be? It's been done.
Masks and Busts / Re: lack of great Creature hand problems resolved!
« Last post by Mike Scott on September 23, 2022, 03:30:11 PM »
Is this a new or old product?

I think he means old, but let us know, George. Post a pic, if you have one.
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