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Title: OOB Review - Invasion of the Saucer-men - Executive Replicas
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Executive Replicas' Invasion of the Saucer-men Statue
Sixteen inches of CREEPING HORROR..... From the depths of time and space!


Behind the Scenes
The 1950s may have been a turbulent time for the movie studios, but it was a great time for teenagers and for today's fans of B Movies. The major studios were undergoing a transition. Rather than produce all their own movies, they would finance certain projects they believed would be profitable and rent their facilities. Smaller companies such as AIP could already produce a double feature which was attractive to Cinema and Drive-in owners as the cost of a double feature was similar to the cost of a mid-range studio movie and it meant they didn't have to look for 2 individual movies to show.

Over at AIP, James Nicholson came up with the title "Invasion of the Saucer-men". Sam Arkoff loved the title and gave the green light, as they were looking for a film to accompany I Was a Teenage Werewolf as a double feature. James Nicholson approached Paul Blaisdell (monster suit creator, extraordinaire) who had worked with AIP on a semi regular basis. He explained that what he wanted was big brained Martians with scrawny little bodies. Paul had read the same science fiction pulps that James had read and immediately knew what James wanted.

Paul Blaisdell set to work creating 4 saucer-men heads, 1 saucer-man hero head, 4 sets of saucer-men hands, a severed hand and 2 flying saucers. There is a ton of information relating to the making of these props in Randy Palmer's book "Paul Blaisdell, Monster Maker - A Biography of the "B" Movie Makeup and Special Effects Artist". I recommend it!

I won't attempt to give you a precis of the interesting stories, but I would like to leave you with 4 names. Angelo Rossito, Eddie Gibbons, Dean Neville and Lloyd Dixon were the actors inside the saucer-man suits. What a great job they did! And of course you already know that Paul Blaisdell and Bob Burns did a lot of the special effects shots which required them to wear parts of the costume as well.

It doesn't matter how many times I see 'Invasion', I always come away from the movie with the same feeling..... "Those SAUCER-MEN are COOL!"

Movie Poster


Invasion of the Saucer Men movie trailer (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4gOMQR2r1GM#)

U.F.O. Attack - Asylum Street Spankers (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TAgd6n6BxvI#)

Invasion of the Saucer-men painted statue
Limited Edtion of 200, individually numbered on the base
Sculptor: Steve West
Producer: Executive Replicas
Saucer-man mold master supplied by: Earthbound Studios
Saucer-man paint master by: Steve Riojas
Authorized and approved: Susan Nicholson Hofheinz / Amazing Colossal Productions Inc.

Material: Resin
Scale: ¾ approximately
Size: H 16" x W 8" x D 8 3/4"
Parts: 3
Packaging box: Full colour glossy box with photos / art on 5 sides
Inclusions: Glossy post card entitled “Reflections by Susan Hart-Nicholson” printed on one side
Executive  Replicas Price: US$249.99+$20 S&H within the USA
Website: http://www.executivereplicas.com/SManGreen.htm (http://www.executivereplicas.com/SManGreen.htm)
FAQ: This pre-paint statue does NOT come with the hand, shown on the Executive Replicas website. Executive Replicas state that the hand IS included and is NOT included (in the same paragraph) on the above webpage. There is NO hand. Trust me.
Contact: Mark Brokaw at Earthbound Studios – earthboundstudios(*at*)yahoo.com

What the Mars Chronicle said about this statue
I first heard about the Invasion of the Saucer-men painted statue through Mark Brokaw at Earthbound Studios. Executive Replicas had spoken to him about the possibility of using his 16” tall Invasion of the Saucer-men BigHead model kit as the basis for a new line of 1950’s monsters’ statues. Earthbound approved the use of their Saucer-men Big-Head and provided the mold master. Executive Replicas took it from there.

I normally only buy model kits, but occasionally a company releases a painted statue that captures my interest, imagination and on occasion, my wallet. The larger prepainted statues normally sell for a similarly large amount of dollars. However, the Invasion of the Saucer-men statue at 16" in height is 'relatively' cheap at $250. I had to have one, so knowing that Earthbound had a few for sale, I ordered one and it arrived 6 days later. I have bought numerous kits from Mark over the years and the service is always friendly and first-class.

The factory paint work is very good for a statue in this price range. It is not perfect, but still very good - check out the photos. The subtle goldy brown colouring on the head is maybe a little too subtle, in some lights. It seems to be very dependant on your light source. Warmer lights help show the additional colours, whereas colder fluorescent light tends to make the top of the head look more monochromatic. The base, clothing and face are all painted reasonably well.

What ‘you’ want to know, is whether or not I am happy with my new painted Saucer-man statue. The simple answer is that I LOVE it. I have a number of Earthbound’s BigHead kits, all in their raw resin state and seeing this painted statue amongst them, makes me wish they were all painted. Having this menacing monster sneering down at me from his perch on top of the display cabinets is a risk I will just have to take.

As you can see, Martians love it, too!

Come for a drive down Lovers' Lane and see the little green men........
My saucer-man arrived in its original shipping box which measures 18.5" x 14.5" x 13.25". It was marked in black marker pen as #35 on the top of the box. If you take about half an inch off the outer box dimensions, you get the size of the display box inside. When you open the shipping box this is the first thing you see - the top of the display box. That uneasiness you feel in your chest isn't indigestion. It is your heart rate accelerating :-)

The following 4 photos show the different sides of the glossy coloured box, depicting a shot of the statue, the movie poster, lobby cards and what would appear to be a shot of an actual head. You can even see where the "goop" has squeezed out around the eyes.




This is the colour postcard that comes with the statue, with some words by Susan Hart-Nicholson (James' second wife).

Inside the box, you will find the usual styrofoam box which is divided down the middle and sticky tape wrapped around the dividing line. After opening the styrofoam box you find that this statue consists of 3 parts. Each part is wrapped in a plastic bag to add protection and each part fits neatly into its cutout in the foam. The 3 parts are the base, the upper body and the head.
As you can see the base has a pleasant triangular shape which is rounded on the two sides. The nameplate attaches to the straight front side and is painted in goldy yellow and edged in a copper colour. I believe the base is hollow cast, but it still has a nice weight to it and is completely rigid.

The base reminds me a bit of the saucer that the saucer-men arrived in and has some nice rivet detail. It is painted silver and has an irregular spray of dark grey over it, to enhance the metal effect.
You can see the circular hole molded into the base, which acts as the locating point for the shoulder part.

The bottom of each base is individually numbered and looks very nice as a collector's piece.

The shoulder part is also hollow cast, but once again it still feels solid. The shoulder part slips into the base section. Mine had a couple of tight spots, but having moved it around a bit for the photos, it feels fine now. The shoulder section features the decorative scalloped pattern on the collar of his spacesuit. Note also the locating point for the head.

This is the view from behind. The collar appears to have been painted in gold and then had a dark grey glaze applied and then wiped off, leaving a mostly flat finish. Individual "petals" or areas of petals, do catch the light as you move around it.

The head fits neatly into the shoulder section and now you have your very own sneering saucer-man. (Release the doves!) As you can see, he is painted very well. The factory appears to have gone with a mid yellow-green for the overall head. Then the valleys around the brain have been darkened with a blue-green and then a yellow-brown has been sprayed around the eyes and ears, more lightly and in patches over the top of the head and also applied along some of the veins.

The hollow cast head fits like a glove and the circular design of the mounting system allows the head to turn through quite a large angle to the left and right as you can see in the photos. I think a small turn to the right or left, really adds to the menacing quality.


Are you talkin' to me Earth-man?

Does my head look big in this?

The casting on this statue is very good which you would expect in 2012.

We come in peace. As you can see in this close-up, the paint around the eyes isn't perfect. However from any normal viewing distance, it looks fine. I do like the way they painted the mouth though. Maybe a little clear gloss added to the mouth would be nice, but I'm leaving mine as is.

If you are a fan of 50's monsters, Paul Blaisdell or just people with very big heads, then this is the statue for you!

Mark only has a few of these to sell, so I wouldn't be waiting. Here is his email address - earthboundstudios(*at*)yahoo.com
Ask him about his Big Head kits and B Movie clock whilst you're at it!
Title: Re: OOB Review - Invasion of the Saucer-men - Executive Replicas
Post by: spfxteduma on May 25, 2020, 02:07:03 PM
Hi. Does anyone know the name of the actor who played an alien in Invasion of the Saucer Men. It's the guy they used for the model kit. NOT Angelo Rossito. (see pic)
Title: Re: OOB Review - Invasion of the Saucer-men - Executive Replicas
Post by: Gaira on May 25, 2020, 03:13:28 PM
I don't see the pic you refer to but I think the guy we see in a couple of the stills is Dean Neville.