Why does the DP "Halloween movie" Phantom have 1981 & not 1982?

Started by GeorgeHere, October 26, 2022, 05:02:46 PM

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I've not posted much these past few months, being occupied with trying to patch up some distressed masks, as well as  trying to come up with a perfect Retro Green Frankenstein mask colour based solely on my recollection of an early to mid 60s DP  Frankenstein -not quite over the head mask I ordered from The Captain Company---that  is quite awhile long gone.   I was looking at the fantastic Crimson Ghost vids on YouTube, and found the one  giving attention to a perfect copy of the DP 1982 Phantom that shows up in the Halloween movie.--  The one I have--is quite messed up along the neck area, and suffering the loss of much facial contours---but still  very recognizable and a little less than good. I am wondering why mine is dated 1981 and not 1982.  I am assuming it came out in 1981, but the one used in the movie had 1982 dates?   

Sir Masksalot

Quote from: GeorgeHere on October 26, 2022, 05:02:46 PM
mine is dated 1981 and not 1982

Products are typically developed and copyrighted long before they're catalogued.

How are you coming on that Phantom restoration? Post some progress pics.


So far---so good I suppose,  as to the fixing up of my poor Phantom.   The lower neck area, that had  breaks extending one inch upward from the rim to the face--was closed with Gorilla tape  from the inside---as well as from the inside application of  G tape  where cracks--or tears of  a little more than 1/8  of an inch at the corners of the eyes.   Also any weak spots in the facial area had the G tape treatment from inside. 
     Then the neck tears with the G tape backing have been smoothed over with Rubber Cement from the exterior side of the mask somewhat thickly, then painted over with Acrylic/Latex paint.   I am temped to paint  the mask in the pinkish look of the Calendar mask, ---but I suppose most would think I would be ruining it if I did not repaint it replicating the original Grey/Green colour it originally had.
    The entire face has to be repainted due to the original finish being worn away in several patches---as well as what I can only describe as faded in other spots. 

I am still working on getting the PC to recognize  the 5Gphone I was forced to switch to.   The pics will come, eventually;  if not I will have to use another PC that will probably be easier to configure to deal specifically with cameras, pictures and cloud use.   
   I am adding here another method of restoring  certain distressed areas of this mask which I will elaborate.  The nose is "pinched" tight and dry at the top; even the hot water treatment did not restore the rounded shape to it.  I am pondering the use of Green Stuff epoxy, that comes in the blue and yellow ribbon.   I have used it before to sculpt all kinds of little things, such as a  ring design, little skulls etc.   If it sticks to the latex, or made to do so, I could easily restore the rounded upper nose. almost exactly as it was originally.    I would test such methods of the use such an epoxy on some cheap Amazon mask first of course!