New Salem's Lot Movie this spring

Started by universalmonsterkid, December 31, 2022, 03:44:31 PM

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Any thoughts as to this years long anticipated release of the just completed Salem's Lot ?
Having been a big fan of the original and certainly of the Director assigned to bring this adaptation to ehh... "life" , I'm anticipating something special (or at least better than the Rob Lowe version).
For those of you who weren't aware of the studios choice, this Director has among other things brought Annabelle to life in the Conjuring series.
I'm eagerly awaiting a trailer but at least we're now beginning to see some art work in the form of movie posters.
I do hear that the small snippets that were delivered at Comic Con were outstanding by those lucky enough to have seen them.
Interested in your comments...
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aura of foreboding

I am excited just to see something from it... clip, teaser, official poster with actual pictures...  I hope Barlow is more in line with 1979, and they build off Hooper's vampire designs.

geezer butler

Yeah, I'm totally down. I really like the prequel series "Chapelwaite." I don't believe the upcoming film and tv series are related though.