WANTED: Distinctive Dummies Incredible Melting Man

Started by Akmodan1138, June 23, 2022, 11:42:56 AM

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I am seeking a nice, unbroken example of Distinctive Dummies figure of The Incredible Melting Man; complete with backer card and the re-sealable clamshell. I am also seeking a few other DD figures in original packaging such as Nathan Grantham from Creepshow, Dr. Tongue from Day of the Dead and Cropsey from The Burning; but Melting Man is my number one want and highest priority at this time. Thanks!

Anton Phibes

I hope you find him. I haven't seen one for sale on ebay in ages. Good luck! PS---I painted that run of figures for them. It was gory fun,lol.


Well my friend excellent work; I think it's among the best of them!


Scratch Cropsey from my list of wants; found one about an hour ago!