Does WALKING DEAD have any sacred-cow characters for you?

Started by ChristineBCW, February 10, 2016, 10:45:44 PM

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HOLY COW!  Perfect! 

And I'd welcome a break away from the comics - your argument that this would put WD TV fans on the edge of their seat should be well-considered by the TV folks. 

We've got Z NATION, LAST MAN ON EARTH and YOU ME & THE APOCALYPSE showing off the comedic side but I'm surprised a competitor network hasn't launched their own Zombie Apocalypse series.  They don't have to share a single thing except zombies and a group (or groups) of struggling survivors.  The Union Of Make-Up Artists and Red Dye No.2 makers would love it.

NOTLD = Network Of The Living Dead.  Z-Channel.  The Holy Cow Channel. 


For the clean-slate minded folks...

What would you think of interspersing this Rick's Tale storyline with, say, Tales From The Hospital Crew?  I'd be interested to see what they're up to, these days.  I thought the hospital would be a most interesting sanctuary IF power (and therefore water pressure) could be maintained.

Then, back in Season 1 Episode 3, we had the Gangstuh Encounter Group, demanding guns while in fact protecting a senior-center.  Rick hands over a shotgun, some shells and... well, how are THOSE folks doing? 

Is there any intrigue to consider doing intermittent checkups on those groups?  I don't know if they'd use those as full-episode red-herring distractions the next time they slaughter core-cast members but, well, they might.  They could.  I'd be interested to know how Downtown Atlanta building dwellers are doing.