R.I.P. Ben Chapman

Started by Mike Scott, February 21, 2008, 10:49:05 AM

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Mike Scott

Very sad news reposted from the CFTBL Yahoo Group:

Ben Chapman passed away this morning at 12:15 AM Hawaii time. He was
admitted to the hospital two days ago and died peacefully in his
hospital bed. He had a living will and they turned off his life
support yesterday about noon Hawaii time. They will be having a
memorial service at a Catholic Church located near the beach and he
will be cremated. He turned 79 last October.

Further details will be shared as I get them.

Ken Rohrer
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OMG! Noooo! Say it isn't so Mike! This is awful news. Tears are falling.  :'(
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Penny Dreadful

I am very sorry to hear of Mr. Chapman's passing.  Very sad news. My condolences to his loved ones.  He helped bring an icon to life.

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Just got an email from Bob Burns telling me the news--it's hard to believe.  He was the kindest and gentlest of men, Our Gill Man.  I have tears in my eyes as I write this.  Benny was one of a kind, bigger than life.
Robert in Ohio

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I had the Pleasure of meeting him many times and he would always crack me up. I always thought he would be around for ever. I will miss him very much. HHW


I had the pleasure of meeting both Ricou and Ben at Chiller a number of times... Many terrific memories of seeing Ben holding court at his autograph table, chatting it up with fans. Kids LOVED him and he gave it right back to all his fans, big or small. A genuinely NICE GUY that will be sorely missed. May he enjoy the eternal company of his peers, Bela, Boris ,Lon and the whole gang. A sad, sad day for classic monster fans everywhere. God bless you Ben and your contribution to the world of Gods and Monsters.
                                                                                                          Mike G


I am in the phone comiserating with John Gilbert (AZGILLMAN).
We are so sad, but it took us 1 minute to start lauging at the wonderful memories and amazing yucks that we had with him.
OMG we laughed and laughed with Ben Chapman.

He was my friend and my "father". He was part of our family and he made me part of his.

I love you Ben Chapman.

Good bye, Dad.


My sincere hope is that he died peacefully and with no pain or suffering.

My best thoughts are for the Gill-man who carried a fallen female and entered into movie monster stardom!
Our Gill Man (on land) will be forever remembered, not just as the body of the imposing Creature, but for his priceless recollections, his detailed memories and willingness to share this will Monster Kids the world over.

A gentle giant...and a heck of a nice guy.

Rest in peace, Dear Ben Chapman.

Rest in Peace,

Prof. Griffin
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Just heard the news too.  I am very lucky to have met him.  He was a very nice gentleman with a great personality.  Wish we had more like him.

My thoughts and prayers are with his family.

Chuck Jeffers
Chuck Jeffers

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He lived in Hawaii right?

Dan, did you get to hang out with him while you were shooting LOST?
That must have been nice...

Rest in Peace,

Prof. Griffin
Horror Historian


Yes Professor, he lived in Hawaii. Maui I believe. I recall back when I visited Danny at his home, that Benny had been a guest at Danny's home a few weeks prior to my visit? I remember Danny telling me some hilarious bathroom stories regarding Benny during his stay at Danny's house. I'll let Danny post his own memoirs though. Not sure if the bathroom stories are ones that he wants to share ?

BTW Griff, I want to fix that avatar of yours. It's too small. Send me a copy of a large pic please.
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Gary D Macabre

This is a huge punch to the gut.  Truly a great loss.  I very much had wanted to meet him, but I guess for now it will have to wait.
Bye Ben.
Gary D. Macabre
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OMG, ..the bathroom story might be best left for private company...LOL

This was great man. A great America. A hero. A marine.

We were blessed to have time with im in Hawaii. He lived right in Honolulu. I could always see his his apartment from the hotels there.

He was the one who said, "F*%$ the water view, it's a F&%$#^$ BLACKHOLE at night! Get the land view!"

So I always did.

Here are some favorite pics from down there.

With Don Ho, his longtime friend and fellow Marine.

Our last photo with Don Stroud, Merilee and Don's wife.

This is Ben to a tee!

We should all remember him like this. I know I will.


Like Dan, Benny always refered to me as his "son." And I called him "Dad." I feel so heartbroken, I'm having a really hard time with this. This is going to be a tough day.

This is one of my favorite photos of me and Dad.

I assume Julie knows by now, but I'll call her this afternoon.



Thanks so very much for sharing those pics Dan. They bring tears to the eye. He really was a card and a genuinely warm individual. Benny always made everyone feel comfortable around him. What sad day for fandom.
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