Foaming Masks

Started by CerebusLives, June 14, 2023, 08:58:44 PM

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I'm on a mission of preservation at the moment.  I'm really trying to get the collection not only cleaned up but also preserved for the future.   
Was curious what's the best way to foam your masks.  I know a gentleman that is the best is retired and I really prefer to learn new things.   Someone said he had a foam gun?   Or if people use two part mix ups and then pour is there any tips or tricks. 
Appreciate the help and time
May you find your worth in the waking world

Sir Masksalot

I touched on the subject in a recent post here and there are youtube tutorials on how to
foam-fill masks. It's very labor-intensive, takes a lot of prep-work and practice; best to
experiment on disposable stuff before advancing to your prized pieces. My best advice
is to just forego the expense and variable success rate. Instead, stuff your masks solid 
with blank newsprint and work a display stand into the paper afterwards.