Monseter's Night Out in Los Angeles

Started by SandyPants, October 20, 2012, 02:35:12 AM

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... okay, really in Pasadena.

The public radio station I work for (89.3 KPCC FM) is hosting a live event Friday Oct 26th. We'll be joined by author David J. Skal and some monster make-up gurus to talk about the best beasts, ghouls and creeps and why we love them so much. It's free, there will also be a quiz, public radio prizes (not just tote bags!), snacks and I would love it if some UMA folks turned up.

The details:

In fact - if any of you want to be involved with the event, please let me know. We'd love to display some cool collectable or have folks we can chat with about monster history. I have worked with some of the UMA folks in Minnesota before, I think they can vouch for me?  Also - our studio in Pasadena is new, very spacious and kid friendly (so bring the little ones if you want).

Hit me up with questions, suggestions for panel guests or general ideas. Have a rad weekend!