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Started by monsterswin, May 17, 2011, 06:30:14 AM

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    I am posting this here because...well, because while I am spending more and more time on building model kits I need to make plenty of room so.........

  After much work Godzilla collectables is up and running! I am divesting myself of 85% of my toy collection and decided to offer it all for sale on my own web site. Bullmarks, Marusans, Popy's, Bandai's, Marmits (of all kinds), M1's and more. I have already sold off some pretty high ticket Bullmarks, Marusans and Popy's BUT there is still a ton of stuff. Only some of it is up on the site right now, but there will be more added as the weeks roll by.

  The site is only going to up for exactly 92 days, and after that it shuts down for good and none of the stuff will be put up for sale again.

  Why am I doing this after so many years? For a few reasons really.............

   I need to make room
   I need to make room for all my model dioramas that I love to build
   There has been SO much money in all these toys just sitting there that it is time to liquidate and use it to move on.
   Through the years I have slowly come to love the feeling I get form building a model diorama, and as much as I love the toys I get even more satisfaction from kits
   In my more Buddhist moments I realize that nothing is permanent and it is now time for others to also enjoy these great toys!'s just time to clean house, pay bills, and start the next chapter.

   Right now you can buy using paypal (integrated into the site) but soon you will also be able to use a Credit card. Make sure you also subscribe to the e mail list as I will periodically send out coupons (good for only a few hours) that you can only get through e mail. When you get to the site just enter your info in the big red box on the right. Well, I guess that's it is the site:

   See you there, and may you make your collectable dreams come true.

        Robert Troch
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