Other notable DRACULA masks

Started by Sir Masksalot, October 29, 2022, 07:01:01 AM

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Sir Masksalot

This remarkable canvas beckons you to join us on a tour through our final gallery of
DRACULA masks for October.
This first one is an early DPS mask, thought to be from the "Monsters" series
of 1963 or '64 >

A few years later, Ellis Burman Sr sculpted a DRACULA for DP's 800 line.
If it ever did go into production at all, none are known to exist today >

Another DRACULA was made for DP's "Hollywood Horrors" line.
Fortunately, replicas of it can be seen in a few private collections >

The COUNT was an exciting addition to the DPS catalog.
It was the closest we could get to a Lugosi Dracula in the 1980s >


A modern day equivalent can still be had today, courtesy of Trick or Treat Studios >

Decades earlier, a figure of Bela's DRACULA resided in The Magic Castle, Hollywood >


Latex rubber copies of its head later wound up on the collectors' mask market >


... But we can't let Bela steal the whole show. The vampiric trio from "Bram Stoker's Dracula"
was recreated at Alvarez Wax Models for sale through Morris Costumes >

They also modeled a John Carradine likeness for use on wax museum figures >

A few latex castings also winged their way into private collections >


Let's bid the Prince of Darkness farewell with a look at
some life-sized figures on public display >

C'mon, do you really think I'd forget to include Mike Hill's?


If I've left out any favorite Dracs/vamps, here's your last chance this month
to round up those stragglers and add more pics for Halloween weekend.

Hey! Did his eyes just move?!