Anybody else going to Monsterpalooza?

Started by deadman, February 14, 2010, 03:03:46 AM

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Any of you UMA guys going to Monsterpalooza?


Yup. Wouldn't miss it.. It was awesome last year!


Does Monsterpalooza focus mainly on modern horror, or are there any events for classic monster buffs?


check out the site Basil Gogos is supposed to be there. And I am gonna get me some prints signed.


Work prevents me from going.  I hope everyone has a howling good time, though.
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I might go just for a day trip, its just under 2 hours drive for me....


My flight and hotel room are booked! I can't wait. I missed this last year and won't let that happen again.


We should have a UMA meetup or something.


I'll miss it this year.  I live in central PA and airline tickets are $600 round trip.  Eliot tried to help. It's very cheap to fly out of a city but then I have drive time and hotel room on each end if I chose that option.  So $600 was too high.

There is LOTS to do there.  It will be AWESOME.

Those of you going---PLEASE post pictures.  You will see a lot of classic and modern monster stuff.


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I hope to be there Sunday.  Yes, we should have a UMA meet up.


Absolutely! Last year was amazing, and it looks like Eliot's going push it to the next level this time around!


How I wish I could, but health and finances have me stymied...I'll be there in spirit, though.  I grew up watching David Hedison!

Have a blast...

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I recognise about 4 of the famous people, but still! Damn it I don't live in America... If someone had told me about this sooner I could've booked flights- that's my Easter holiday. It'd be too expensive to do it now though.

Hope you guys have fun
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I wish I was going. It's the Easter weekend so I wouldn't have to miss any work time but I'm already going to Horrorhound/Mask Fest in Indianapolis  next weekend and the flights from Canada (not to mention hotels) aren't cheap enough to do two trips in two weeks.  :'(

Next year I might skip MF and head to Californy instead...the guest list is certainly more geared towards my tastes.