Scream Queens

Started by Mike...In 3-D!, September 24, 2015, 12:20:24 PM

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Mike...In 3-D!

Did anyone else watch the premier of Scream Queens this week? I thought it was great! I can see it being a bit much for some people because it gets pretty close to crossing some lines, but I can't wait for the next episode.
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I watched it and liked it. It came across as a combination of Scream and a send up of Mean Girls. And it worked!


Did not watch yet, but I will.
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Wicked Lester

I watched and did not want to like it..but I couldn't help it, I DID!
Over the top cheesy goodness.

Mike...In 3-D!

I'm being vague to avoid spoilers, but the scene from the 3rd (2nd if you count the 2 hour back-to-back premier as 1) episode when the frat exploits the "ghetto code" had me nearly in tears.
"Naughty, naughty! Don't touch, Butch knows best."