1979 Mattel Rodan Toy

Started by Gasport, July 28, 2009, 04:36:24 AM

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This one just expired on ebay...have no idea what a fair price would be, but this certainly didn't go for cheap....



Wow, that is surprising.  They usually go for less.  But I think it is closer to what that toy's true value ought to be.  It is a very under-appreciated toy.  I'd like to see it get up into the $500-$1,000 range where it belongs.  That is one of the coolest toys of its era.
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That Rodan was and still is an Awesome toy! I never had him, i always wished they would have done a " Gamera " Shogun Warrior!!


It's funny, the guy who sold that actually emailed us at CollectionDX a couple of days ago to ask about that toy and try to get an estimate of it's value. I told him it generally sold in the $300 range, but that the most I'd seen it sell for was $500 for an unopened one (and that I scored mine for $135 :) ). So, needless to say, he was happy it ended on the high end. I think part of the reason it went so high was because it actually had the insert, as crazy as that sounds. I don't recall hardly ever seeing that included.

He told me that the only reason he still had it like that was because when growing up, his mother always insisted that he took very good care of his toys and all their packaging. It had been safely stored in his parents basement for years. I may have posted this article before, but in light of this, I think it bears re-posting, to illustrate why I think this it is ironic to hear this story from the seller of a Rodan toy, in particular.




Thans for linking that article.  The evils of motherhood...



That Rodan along with the Kenner Alien was one of my favorite toys when I was younger. :'(They usually sell for around $300 in really good condition.


This is a very cool toy indeed.  A few years back you could get this guy for around $80.  One like this with the insert, instructions, and nice box brings a nice price.


Always wanted one as a child. Had Godzilla (Sold it at a garage sale...grrrrrrr......)

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I used to have this as a kid, sure wish I still had it.  Used to have one of the big Shogun Warriors also but don't have him anymore either.  But I do still have my big Godzilla!
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Rubbermonsters wrote:

QuoteThat Rodan was and still is an Awesome toy! I never had him, i always wished they would have done a " Gamera " Shogun Warrior!!

OMG that would have been awesome!  :)


OK, I know I posted this one before but I'll do so again, just since I like this toy so much and it seems on topic.

The closest thing to a jumbo style Gamera I've ever seen is this large-sized ride-on toy. It's pretty rare and although it's listed in a book on Japanese vinyls, I'm pretty sure it's polyethylene like the Shoguns. I just can't see anyone making a ride-on toy out of vinyl.

There is also a 20" vinyl of Gamera but it's a very realistic sculpt and not a good companion to Godzilla or Rodan.


If I had that as a kid, that ride-on Gamera would have been played with as a jumbo action figure right alongside Godzilla, Rodan, the red Aurora T-Rex and the plush Mego Kong.
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Are you guys familiar with Bullmark's wiffle ball pitching Astron Battinger from 1973? It's one of my favorite toys, if not my favorite. Here it is with the Shogun Godzilla as well as another big size toy, the two headed dragon from Animal Planet.

Here's the original commercial

Bullmark Ultraman Kaiju TVC

And here's two idiots playing with one. I don't know who they are...   ;D

Jumbo Machinder Battinger Review


That's bizarre.  Only in Japan...

It's a neat, big monster toy, though.

What are those funny masks you've got up on the shelf?
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Quote from: raycastile on August 01, 2009, 10:40:54 PM

What are those funny masks you've got up on the shelf?

Good question. They are just some of those cheapies you always see on Ebay for about $7. Before last Halloween, the seller had a sale on them and each cost maybe $2-3. So I bought a bunch just for the hell of it. Here's a better look at what's up there. Maybe a more knowledgeable mask collector can identify them all. (Sorry I don't have any closeups, but my camera is dead so I'm working with only existing pictures... lol).