The Castle of Baron Finch - Gothic Horror Returns

Started by cushing, October 17, 2018, 07:13:10 PM

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Over two years since the test-footage was shot...four years since pre-production...This past Sunday, HALLOWEEN, the first frames from the project were officially shot. More to be done, but it felt good getting started on this. The vampire, Jay Pennington, has been busy on his own projects as well as having a role on Magnum PI.


October 1, 2022: The finale and select other scenes were shot after 7 months since the prior shooting day with over 700 feet of 16mm film captured.  The makeup artist did an amazing job for what will amount to mere moments on screen. No pre-made prosthetics here, just the time-tested Jack Pierce method of makeup. The footage has been processed in Burbank and is currently at the scanning house getting scanned in 5K. Nerves are high waiting to see how the image looks...

Behind the scenes image taken by the make-up artist.


It's been some time since I've visited this board. IT issues kept me from here, but I'm back and with a status update.

On September 15 I shot what should be the final 600 feet of film which just left the processing lab and is off to be scanned. After I get the footage and finish editing, the edit will be in the hands of the composer in Norway. The end is in sight!

Mike Scott

Quote from: cushing on September 28, 2023, 06:41:49 PM
On September 15 I shot what should be the final 600 feet of film which just left the processing lab and is off to be scanned.

You must be the only person still shooting film?  :)
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Quote from: Mike Scott on September 28, 2023, 07:54:44 PM
You must be the only person still shooting film?  :)

The only self-funded micro budget indie short film that has taken 6 years to complete shooting on film? Probably. Most of the current film-based stuff I see now is VERY commercial which is OK for them, but not what I like.


Editing was completed last week and a low-res file sent to the composer in Norway. I had a chat with him yesterday as he wanted to discuss an idea with me; he's very excited to be working on this type of project.


With the short film now completed, the composer made a mini-documentary about his process with some sneak peeks...


Backers have received their copies of the blu ray, some also received a CD soundtrack, and I have been selling the remaining discs or film festival submission fees. Minimum order quantities for fulfilling orders for seven backers.

I've been enjoying the feedback from the people who have watched it so far.

Quotethe film is shot in B&W 16mm with a style that recalls the glory days of German expressionistic silent films of the 1920's. Plenty of atmosphere, assisted by an exceptional music score. I saw scenes straight out of the original Nosferatu, perhaps some Haxan and a moment or two of the more modern Jean Rollin vampire films. Don took a shoestring budget and has created a movie that exhibits his personal deep affection for not only silent horror but also for the films of one Paul Naschy. Don does so with reverence and care. A marvel how Don creates this vampire vs. werewolf tale with camera tricks and some damn cool exterior shots. Operating out of South Texas, with all that hot sunshine, Don manages to transport us to eastern Europe.


For anyone in Ohio, or attending the Cinema Wasteland Movie & Memorabilia Expo in April, this short will be screened at the event.


Entering four months into the festival circuit and have had some welcome recognition thus far.

Acknowledgement and awards received:
Best Director - Absurd Film Festival
Best Poster - Monza Film Fest
Best Costume Design - Athens Film Festival
Best Horror/Thriller & Official Selection - Andromeda Film Festival
Official Selection - South Italy International Film Festival