Superman vs He-Man

Started by Mego Stretch Hulk, January 01, 2016, 10:33:53 AM

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Mego Stretch Hulk

Superman and He-Man are without a doubt two of the most popular fictional superheroes to ever grace a comic book or cartoon. Both are legendary heroes that command the utmost respect from their peers and the greatest disdain from their enemies. They walk with the same moral principles on two different worlds and both can make the claim to being the most powerful man in their universe. But did you ever wonder which one is more powerful? For the first time ever, the Hero Envy crew joins forces with resident He-Man expert James "Busta-Toons" Eatock and come up with an answer on who would win in a match up between Superman and He-Man! Will you agree? Read the article and find out because -- there can only be one Master of the Universe!
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