I promise that this will be the coolest thing you see today!

Started by gracebuster, January 17, 2008, 02:34:40 PM

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I like how you build up to reveal the Frankenstein instead of just splashing it at us.  A very handsome work of art.
Raymond Castile


Shannon aka monsieurmonkey on UMA Y!

Monster Bob

Dear Dan-


Please send me those.

Thanks a million.

Bob  ;)

Tom Smith Monsternut

Tom Smith " Dr. Deadly"


Now that is one extremely talented individual...with alot of free time on his hands    :o
Ahi Creech Rules


Those are indeed amazing. Especially how the monsters back goes up at an angle away from the base. I can't image how hard it must have been to strike that balance so that it doesn't fall over!


Chuck Jeffers

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