atlanta ZOMIE apocalypse

Started by eviljim, October 19, 2012, 03:44:32 PM

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if anyone in the Atlanta Ga. area is intrested in going to some AWESOME haunted house events ... the Atlanta Zombie Apocalypse is unlike anything Ive seen. you feel like you are in a Zombie Movie ! .. the cast interact with ya ,YOU become part of the show . and at times you REALLY have to run like hell! best way to describe is the walking dead meets evil dead meets escape from n.y. meets the road warrior . in one area YOU get 50 rounds in a paintball gun , thrown into a hallway and and the zombies come after you! aim for the head! ... its located right outside of Atlanta which makes it feel more isolated from the world and adds a real creepy factor  to it.
In midtown Atlanta there is one called Chambers Of Horrors . it is Brutal. not for the kiddies. its like watching hardore splatter right in front of your eyes. no cheap scares , just hardcore for the hardcore!18 and up ONLY! Netherworld is still very popular here as well , not really my cup of tea , but it done extremely well and all the new latest greatest gadgets can be seen. if that aint enough , the Plaza Theater has been showing ALL the u.m. classics on the weekend! next weekend is the Bride of Frankenstein! and on Oct 30, a special showing of the most awesomeness Halloween movie ever to be made (IMO) Trick R Treat!
Happy Halloween!
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