Check out my Distortions Mask Collection! 28 masks!

Started by Spinal Remains, April 30, 2022, 02:19:33 AM

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Spinal Remains

So iv been a fan of Distortions for years & have collected some of their masks, i also really enjoyed the show they did called "Making Monsters" which aired in October 2011-2013 for 3 Seasons, i even burned my own DVDs of the show to watch every October  >:D

If you don't know anything about them here's a little backstory on Distortions & its owner Ed Edmunds from his website:
"Hidden in an industrial warehouse in Greeley, Colorado. Distortions Unlimited's owners, Ed and Marsha Edmunds, and their talented crew make monsters. Their quality props, masks and creations have been a mainstay of the dark amusement industry since 1978. Long creative hours are spent in gray-walled offices with brain-eating hunchbacks, wall-scaling zombies and docile 3-foot tall aliens. The working environment looks more like a nightmare factory than a place of business, and was recently featured on the reality show "Making Monsters" that aired on The Travel Channel. As a child and fan of television shows such as The Outer Limits, The Time Machine and the original Star Trek, Ed enjoyed creating masks and putting on performances as monster characters. Continued experiments with makeup turned his artistic hobby into a true talent at a young age, and among other stage makeup and prop work, he started his mask-making operation, Distortions Unlimited, while still in high school. Through college, Ed developed his company's products, sculpting a severed finger, molding bloody hands and becoming one of the first in the industry to sculpt cut-off arms."

now to the collection, i will go left to right with the name of the mask & any info i have on them.

^Creetonian Elder by Jordu Schell, Purple People Eater by Ed Edmunds ,Rotted Corpse Resurrection Mask 16of24 signed Ed Edmunds & Jordu Schell 

^The Werewyrm by Beetlejuice Artist Robert Short, The Last Andromeda by Ed Edmunds (signed) , Phantasmagoria (Metallic Version) by Ed Edmunds 1of50

^Laura the Vampire Witch by Henry Alvarez, Monster of the Shadows Wolfman by Ed Edmunds, Sun Eater by Jordu Schell

^Tarragon the Rocketeer by Ed Edmunds, Hoaxar by Jordu Schell (this was made to trick Ed Edmunds into thinking it was a forgotten sculpt of his own design, as a prank for Making Monsters) Naughty Frog Boy by landon meier

^Brainiac Maniac by Greg Duffy, Blasted (Vintage), Colossus by Ed Edmunds

^Bubonic by Aaron Lee Vigil, The Initiate by Mikey Rotella, Cellar Dweller by Tom Savini (Signed by him at a convention)

^Tsezharr by Mikey Rotella, Terminator 2 Judgment Day Phase 2 & 3 (vtg 1991)

^Frightmare (Vintage), Ernest Wellman by Ed Edmunds (this was made on Making Monsters for a haunt at an old abandoned prison) Scarecrow (re-release by TOTS)

^lab ghoul (Frankenstein) (Vtg), DUI (re-release by TOTS)

^Rot Zombie puppet by Ed Edmunds (Vtg 1994), Vampire's Head Prop by Jordu Schell     

got a few more vintage Distortions Masks to the Collection  >:D

this has gotta be the coolest new addition, a Xenomorph Alien from 1992 :

next is a Nicholson Joker from 1989 :

I also have a Nicholson Joker Bust from the Henry Alvarez sculpt :

next is Ancient Evil that was sold at Spencers Gifts & still tagged fright stuff 1988 :

Last is the Mega Corpse from around 1992 :

well thats all i got thrhrt  if you have any cool masks from Distortions feel free to post em!   chain_saw 

Sir Masksalot

Ooooo, a mega-post about Distortions! 'No better way to kick off "the Halloween of spring".
Thanks for all the pics and text, love it all. I wonder if there's more back story on
"Ernest Wellman". Was he an inmate at that now abandoned prison?

I still have two of the characters shown in your images but I was a major Distortions addict
back in the 1980s. Most of my vintage D.U. masks have been discussed in jupiter2's
"Collection Corner" here in the M&B forum, plus I just unearthed an early group shot depicting
all my Distortions stuff as of 1983 >


Love the zeezoid as well as all the other 80s masks, amazing!


My friends and I had tons of the 80s gore stuff gowing up.
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Spinal Remains


got a few more vintage Distortions Masks to the Collection  >:D

see bottom of the main post for Update

Sir Masksalot

I ... uhh... err... think you posted these last few previously but what the heck: always fun seeing
old masks/props in such fine condition with their original finishes. Distortions corpses are among
the sickest and scariest.


    "They come from the bowels of hell; a transformed race of walking dead. Zombies, guided by a master plan for complete domination of the Earth."

Spinal Remains

this is the first time iv shown these (i just got the alien yesterday) i put the update in the main post & in my comment so they showed up twice  :)