MASK-FEST Updates and Photos

Started by fmofmpls, March 26, 2010, 02:56:10 PM

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I rode to Indianapolis Friday with Andy, his wife Amy and daughter Mia.  Amy did the driving.  I sat in the back with Mia.  I started the "Are we there yet?" chorus, then Mia followed my lead.  Here is Mia in her car seat as we pass through the remote wilds of Indiana.

There was an actor walking around in a tall Frankenstein costume.  He won "best overall" in the costume contest Saturday night.  Mia just loved him.  She followed him around and pointed him out whenever she saw him.  At one point, she saw him walk out of the men's restroom.  She could not believe that Frankenstein actually used the restroom.  Here she is with Frankie at the costume contest.

Here is Elizabeth with Frankie.

More shots from the contest.

(All of the photos in this post were taken with a cell phone.)

Raymond Castile


Saturday night we ate at a Greek diner next to the hotel.  We had a great time talking and unwinding after two busy days.  Here we are, seated/standing around the table.  (more cell phone pics)

Here is Mia doing a magic act with Liz and Dan. 

Dan actually did some real magic, amazing Mia by making salt shakers and napkins disappear.  We could see where the object were really going, which made Mia's reactions even funnier.
Raymond Castile


Our waitress at the diner disappeared for awhile, then returned teary-eyed and shook up.  Someone had mugged her in the parking lot!  Right there, with all those people nearby.  I believe he actually threw her to the ground.  She called the police and gave them a description, composed herself, then came back inside.  Crazy!

Many of you have no doubt heard that John McGarr, executive producer of HOUSE OF THE WOLFMAN, was killed by a drunk driver crossing the street on which the hotel is located.  I don't know if he was in front of the hotel or down the road, but he was on his way to the show.

I saw a woman pass out on the steps in the lobby leading into the dealer room.  I saw her just after she landed at the bottom and her friend was calling out for help.  Security came and cleared a space around her.  She sat up and collected herself, but seemed to refuse any medical help.  

I heard people talking about fights and other mishaps throughout the weekend.  The fire marshall came on Saturday and declared certain rooms to be full to capacity.  No one else could enter until other people left.  People were standing in long lines, not just for autographs, but just to enter the dealer room.

Andy said there seemed to be a "bad moon" hanging over the event.  I agree.  Not that it cast a pall over the proceedings.  Quite the contrary.  It just added to the craziness.  There was a hint of danger lurking in the corridors, out in the parking lot, around every bend.  It was like the inmates had taken over the asylum and we were all going to Hell together.

Even Mia is infected!  Oh no!

Raymond Castile


Doctor Shocker visited on Sunday.  You have to be careful with that guy.  He's not the most trustworthy fellow.  I mean, just look at him.

He was there to MC an event bringing together horror hosts from around the country to honor Vampira.  I don't know why they picked Doctor Shocker to host it.  I guess they had a tight budget.  Geez, Elvira was right down the hall!  Maybe her fee was too high.  So they got stuck with Shocker.  Oh well.  It was a nice little show, anyway.  Here are some photos:

After the show, Shocker tried to run off with Mia.  But we stopped him!  Don't worry Mia, we got your back.

Raymond Castile


Raymond Castile


MAN that looks like a blast!! Thanks for the pix!!
We're all here because we're not all there.


Nightlife at HorrorHound.

At the bar.

Elizabeth's friend, Anthony.

This was an original character he created, called "Syn."  I think he wanted to call it "Sin," but Elizabeth insisted on "Syn."  Like Doctor Syn.


I guess Elizabeth did not hear my warning.  She is trying to mess with me!  You do NOT do that!!!

Jeff is sitting this one out.

Elizabeth is wandering the lobby, offering to chop off unwanted body parts, free of charge.  These guys are considering her offer.  I think the one in the middle is going for it.  You can tell he's thinking about it.  I didn't stick around to find out what happened.  Blood makes me faint.

This lady took Liz up on the offer.  She disliked the right side of her face.  So Liz removed it.  You can see, they're both much happier now.  It was so helpful of Liz to provide free dismemberment services.

OK, I don't know what was going on with these folks.  But they drew a lot of attention.  The woman on the left is an acquaintance of Liz.  Heck, it seemed like half the show attendees knew Liz.  A lot Chicago folks there.

Raymond Castile



Who is responsible for this madness?

I think this man had something to do with it:

Eric Austin, Indianapolis Man of Mystery.
Raymond Castile


Oh yeah, and we had a toy display, too.  Here are shots of people "experiencing" the display.  Or just standing in front of it.

This is my favorite.

Raymond Castile


Mia made friends with a rubber rat.  I'm not sure where she found the rat.  Maybe the rat found her.  But she sure loves her rubber rat.

Raymond Castile

Radioactive Rod Whitenack

Remarkable pics, Raymond! I'm sorry I didn't feel well enough to make the trip, and I can get a little phobic in big crowds, but at least I know I would have been surrounded by friends to make all the craziness seem less stressful. The UMA seems to be full of really great people and I look forward to seeing many of you at Wonderfest.

I've seen my share of craziness before. Last year at Fright Night Film Fest, our Alice Cooper cover band's fog machines set off the hotel's fire alarms at 1 AM, and the entire hotel had to be evacuated. Then one of the guests I was shepherding around town to Personal Appearances passed out and had to be rushed to the hospital where I spent hours worrying about his/her health. I got about 6 total hours of sleep during the whole weekend.

But I haven't ever dealt with overcrowding. I'm sure it's a good problem to have.


Mask-Fest was Fangtastic! They had more talent and lots of great stuff for sale, I had a blast. I'm so glad that the UMA was there too.


Here are photos of the wonderful costume display that Elizabeth assembled.

Raymond Castile


Those photos of Mia really go some way toward getting across what a cool little monster girl she is.  I had fun showing her photos of things in my collection in my camera.  Mia has " 'satiable curiosity" like The Elephant's Child and is my nominee for Monster Princess of the UMA!
Robert in Ohio

"I don't care what they do, so long as they don't do it in the streets and frighten the horses."   Mrs. Patrick Campbell

Radioactive Rod Whitenack

That Wolf Man costume was worn over a stuffed dummy in a Haunted Garage for my Halloween party when I was VERY little. My parents put up black plastic on the walls and various Beistle Halloween decorations all around, and we had a big spider pinata in the middle of the room. We showed some of the Castle 8mm monster flicks at that party as well.

Ah, the memories.