Oz, the Great and Powerful!

Started by yendor1152, March 14, 2013, 03:49:03 AM

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I'm surprised there hasn't been anything written about "Oz, the Great and Powerful" here--or have I missed a thread somewhere?

Saw it today and have mixed feelings. There was a sequence in the haunted woods that reminded me of the kids from Village of the Damned. Anybody know what I mean?

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I loved this movie, I've just been very busy.
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Non-monster movie?!!  Witches, evil flying monkeys!  This is a monster flick....LOL!

For all its flaws in the end I just couldn't help but like this one and will more than likely buy the dvd when it comes out!

We had our girls with and a friend of my oldest daughter, there are some really slow parts; one of which is the intro scene that seemed to go on for quite sometime!!  For the kiddie crowd there was quite a bit that could have been cut from the film...pertaining to run time only!

They did some really good homages to Wizard of Oz (1939) but I felt in noway where they trying to make this a direct prequel and I would love for them to go further and do the Wizard of Oz!!

As always with all new movies I find so much flaw with CGI, it was overused but mostly for set dressing!!  Most of which could have been done with tangible materials!!  None of the CGI characters really bothered me but they usually don't in these fantasy type flicks were the world is not our own.

Of all the characters that have had multiple screen incarnations, I am left believing that Margaret Hamilton's Wicked Witch will never be beat or matched for that matter; although I think Rachel Weisz would have been much more suited to the role!  Mila Kunis' Witch was just meh, also her make up is just odd/off!?  Not sure what it is but I didn't care for it.

Phantom Stranger

The wife and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Good FX , fun story and nice performances from the cast.


I loved it, kids loved it, gf loved it. 3D actually looked good for once too!
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My wife and I loved it as well, and she's a big fan of the 1939 Film. It also was the first time we got an explanation of how Mila Kunis became "Meg" from "Family Guy". I ended getting her the plush flying monkey, and two of the dolls (Oz and the Kunis character).
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Just okay.  Zach Braff walks (swings?) off with the movie.  The digital flying baboons were fairly generic and not as creepy as the originals.  Franco made an acceptable Wizard, but Robert Downey, Jr. may have been a better choice for the role.  As for the Wicked Witch, the shadow transformation was nicely done, but when the character is finally fully revealed, her face looked like a big green cgi pumpkin.  Also, I don't remember Margaret Hamilton having to flaunt her cleavage in the 1939 OZ...
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