Rick Polizzi's Boney Island!

Started by Hepcat, April 24, 2019, 12:55:10 PM

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Has anyone been to this pre-Halloween scarefest/attraction in Sherman Oaks, California?

Boney Island - Rick Polizzi's Extreme Halloween

Here's Polizzi talking about the attraction:


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Sir Masksalot

Yes, I remember Boney Island from years ago, around the time they first started up. These elaborate yardhaunts were actually listed as Halloween attractions in local newspapers.
We visited a bunch of them that night including Riverton Cemetery, Grimmstone Cemetery, and Hallowed Haunting Grounds. All were outstanding! It's good to know that Boney Island
is still "alive and kickin". Thanks, Hepcat.


Rick Polizzi is also the author of these two books on board games:

While not as comprehensive as some other books on the subject, I found them more interesting because of their focus on the games of the baby boomer era.


Rick was also the publisher of a short lived magazine, also entitled Spin Again, on board games which only ran for five issues in the early nineties.

Collecting! It's what I do!