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Started by BlackLagoon, January 27, 2013, 06:12:46 AM

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The prime directive was basically a subtle anti Vietnam statement by the writers of the original series.

In the first series the Enterprise crew is exploring the galaxy and having adventures.  While it is dangerous work the crew is having fun and learning about themselves as they explore.  In TNG, exploring the galaxy is serious business and they take themselves and their mission seriously.

Star Trek Strange New Worlds is the closest in tone to the original as any of the spin offs.

Rex fury

Speaking of dangerous work, Gene Roddenberry had his share too. Of the two plane crashes he survived, the wreckage from his WWII crash is still on  Espirto  Vanuatu. My son and I visited the crash site while on a diving trip there. The island is a great place to take an out of the way vacation with wreck diving, jungle trekking and WWII memorabilia to examine.