Halloween Club 4th Annual Spook Show

Started by Gory Glenn, February 26, 2016, 06:14:20 PM

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Gory Glenn

If you live in So Cal there's an event planned for March 5th 2016 at the Halloween Club in La Mirada, CA (LA County) that sounds fun. I've never been to this event but I have been to the Halloween Club Store. It's more of a warehouse really with more Halloween stuff than I've seen anywhere else. It's free and sounds like it will be fun.


The Halloween Club will proudly host the 4th Annual Spook Show on March 5th, 2016 at La Mirada from 12-7pm. This all-day outdoor festival will be filled with our curated selection of Southern California's local spook makers, vendors, artists, collectors, cooks, teachers, musicians and enthusiasts of Halloween. On this day Halloween Club - La Mirada will unleash its biggest sale of the year.

Sir Masksalot

Gory Glenn might've been pleased to know that Halloween Club just hosted their 9th Spook Show today!
The usual assortment of vendors were there, offering everything from apparel ...

... to art prints ...

... to occult supplies ...

... to edibles >

The only masks I saw for sale were at Coolsville and SpookyThreads  >


The banner at Mr Nielsen's space drew me in like a magnet. He even offered me
some free merchandise just for being a fellow fan of the old classics >

An art instructor at one of our local universities, he also created this T-shirt
which is available for purchase at his website >

There were a few familiar sights scattered throughout the grounds ...

... but the real sights were the attendees themselves >






All in all, a great early kick-off to the Halloween season. I give it a big thumbs-up!

Mike Scott

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Surprised they let you take pics.     I remember they were like the gestapo about it in store😁
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