Big Frankie Question

Started by Universal Steve, November 28, 2008, 04:47:32 AM

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Universal Steve

I never had one before so I have a question. I opened mine up today (ah the smell of fresh plastic) I noticed the pupils of the eyes are just 2 holes. Was there something supposed to go here or is it just an easier way to have black pupils? You could rig up a couple of lights if you wanted to get creative. I was just wondering if this was normal.
Universal Steve

Toy Ranch

Yup, that's the way they were made.


I've seen them on ebay with lights in the eyes, so other people have had the same idea.
Raymond Castile

Jim Bertges

The theory has been advanced that since Big Frankie was originally proposed as a mechanical toy that it was planned to put lights in his eyes. The prototype must have had those holes and they were carried over when the toy idea was dropped in favor of a model kit.
You knew the job was dangerous when you took it, Fred.


When I was a kid I built the original kit. Yes, the holes were there. I remember squirting airplane glue into the eyes to make them look "watery". It worked but was a bit heavy handed. When I paint the new one, I'll restrain myself!