Audio Horror/Weird Fiction dramas. Are you guys listening to any of it?

Started by Lazarus, January 24, 2016, 08:45:00 AM

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Lots of my coworkers are into the 'Welcome to Night Vale' podcast.  I'm interested in the format and think it'sa fun idea, so I'll probably give that a shot.  but now I'm hearing that there's a show called Podcast One called 'Chilling Tales' that just started, which is supposed to be their audio attempt at your 'Tales From the Crypt' type of anthology show, and that sounds interesting.

What else is out there?  What are you guys enjoying?  Are there any older horror based (actual) radio dramas worth listening to?


Archive.ORG is where I start my search for Old Radio Show MP3s.  DIMENSION X and X MINUS ONE are two sci-fi-centric tales, but I find them to be more OUTER LIMITs than TWILIGHT ZONE, although space monsters and ghosts abound. 

"Arch Oboler" was the '30s and '40s writer most cited as the predecessor to Rod Serling, but there are only a few dozen Oboler offerings - or ones that the archivists have attributed to his writings or productions, rather. 

There's the decades-running CBS MYSTERY THEATER, too, but these are usually a mix of crime-soap operas and seldom venture into the "weird" (a la William Castle-esque type tales). 

THE BLUE BEETLE is a super-hero tale (policeman donning costume) from the late '30s into the early '40s) - this is clearly a precusor to the comicbooks of the '60s, and a competitor to The Shadow, Superman, but not popularized. 

HALL OF FANTASY is another old radio series title (late '40s, early '50s).


THE HERMIT'S CAVE ('30s into WWII)...

INNER SANCTUM loads up 'irony' into their mysteries and tales.  Occasionally these might fit into "horror" but often it's more like Twilight Zone tales, where a two-bit gangster dies, wakes up and is given everything, only to discover he's in Hell.  That kind of tale...

PRICE OF FEAR, hosted by Vincent P, sometimes starring in them; these are often crime or murder-mystery tales, maybe a bit of Poe-like 'horror'.

SUSPENSE is a decades-running show, too, with more crime-soap operas - more Hitchockian than Serling-esque.  There are hundreds of these MP3s from the '30s into the early '60s.


That's the list off the top of my head.  There are several "Theater" shows and those are often 50+ minute long shows, like CBS MYSTERY THEATER, or LUX THEATER.  Some of those are scripted from contemporary movies with some of the movie's stars re-creating their roles on the radio during the '30s, '40s and '50s in an effort to maintain Hollywood star-power and presence into rural America which did not have big-city access to  movie-theaters themselves.

Wicked Lester

Another more recent one,and imo one of the better ones done, is Nightfall which aired on the CBC in the early 80's.
I have heard about 3/4s of the stories and so far my favorite is #66 The Book of Hell.


NIGHTFALL has made it thru 2 nights of listening pleasure.  Outstanding, thus far.  It really begs for windy, brittle nights wiht branches creaking across the house.

I can only wonder how many more of these series have escaped my attention!  We try to locate all the modern 'theater of the air/ear" we can.


Thanks!  It's added to our listening list.

We have a local troupe that does Thursday evening shows from one of downtown's old palace movie-theaters...7 pm showtime but at 4 pm, they have an open dress rehearsal and, for the monthly kids' shows, the nearby schools supply the kids' audience.  Then, once home, the kids listen to the 'real thing' but always comment on how much 'more fun' it was to watch the actors, their flying pages of scripts, and the sound-FX crew. 


Christine, I respect that take - especially from first-time audiences.

But my group steers away from the quaint (which some groups take to the level of camp!). We don't wear snap-brimmed fedoras, and we don't pretend it's the 1940's.

We use the medium of Audio Drama as a still-effective, "modern" mode of storytelling.



I really enjoy "The Witch's Tale," I got a bunch of OTR episodes on disc a while ago and there were a lot of Witch's Tale episodes on it.  Nice to have on headphones when doing busy stuff...
Beautiful moving, shifting colors!

See TRANSLUCE: Rainbow Meditation


Southbridge Old Time Radio! presents some great Thriller, Sci-Fi, and Horror OTR as well as other genres. You Tube has several hours of these. I love the Southbridge opening with the Dark Shadows theme music. Very cool.  8)



The Apple app store has quite a few OTR shows available for free and many more for a nominal $1.99 for an entire run of a a series.  I've downloaded a large number of these programs including quite a few horror and suspense shows.
You can't kill the boogeyman.  Halloween (1978)


Not OTR, but there are many great Audiobooks on You Tube. Lots of Lovecraft and Howard. I've been listening to some Conan of late.


Quote from: RICKH on February 01, 2016, 03:42:13 AM
The Apple app store has quite a few OTR shows available for free and many more for a nominal $1.99...
Hopefully, you've checked out the always free ARCHIVE.ORG first because they have hundreds of complete-run series for free downloads as MP3s, OGGs, etc, and I think most are available as streaming, too.  I wonder how many of those Apple pay-for series are free, public domain ones?