"The Walking Dead" Season 8

Started by Mike Scott, October 24, 2016, 06:32:10 AM

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Mike Scott

Quote from: bromstaker on June 12, 2018, 07:49:22 PM
As for Madison dying, maybe not.

Nope, she's dead. She was on the after show and they gave her a proper sendoff.
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So Gimble's out - or 'promoted up to a higher level of incompetency'.  The new 'showrunner' isn't so new - she's been around since Season 1 #7. 


Now she's saying Season 9 will incorporate a 2-year forward-jump, similiar to the comics.  And it sounds like she's going to mimic the comics even more - except without Rick or Maggie, Carl, etc.  And with non-comic characters Carol and New Leader Daryl. 

Instead of paying Maggie (Laura Cohan), they're giving $20 mil to Norman Reedus instead.  Then this showrunner says "WALKING DEAD is going to explore larger roles for the women characters." 

Uh... hmmm... they won't negotiate with a leading woman character, they give heaps more to a guy, and THEN claim this is "all about expanded women's roles"?  That's why it's called Marketing - if they had to tell the truth, we'd have settlers looking for encampments with great farming possibilities to create year-round self-sustaining locations.