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Started by poseablemonster, December 18, 2007, 10:31:03 PM

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I've had an obsessive love for the original Pat Newman sculpted Don Post Calendar Mask of Glenn Strange as Frankenstein ever since I first saw the cover of Monster World #6 as a kid.  OK, maybe not an obsessive love, but I have wanted one in the worst way.  I have always thought of it as the coolest mask of all time.  I never thought I'd ever get the opportunity to own one.  Well, as fate would have it, I found an unpainted pull of the mask some months back.  I sent it away to Darrell V. of VXX-FX for paint and Dante Renta for hair and just got the finished product back today.  A monster dream come true! 

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oh man, that turned out AWESOME!~  Congrats Andy!!!


Thanks, Bobby.  You know, it's been on the top of my list for a long time.


Wow! Fantastic! That's a keeper alright. Congrats Andy. I sure hope you and your new love stay clear of the Jib Jab disco floor! I couldn't take another show like that.:)
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If ya don't mind me asking, how much does something that beautiful cost, including hair and paint???
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Hey, I'm jealous... Mr. Renta gave you TWICE AS MUCH green slime on the hair as I got!

That's a beautiful mask, Andy. Darrell sure did a superb job of recreating the Calendar Glenn.


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Quote from: GAKENSTEIN on December 18, 2007, 11:15:24 PM
If ya don't mind me asking, how much does something that beautiful cost, including hair and paint???
A LOT!!!!!!!!  :o ;)  Seriously, it's not the cost as much as it is actually FINDING the mask.  The re-issue calendar masks are resculpted, so to find an actual Pat Newman sculpted pull is very difficult.  Apparently there are very few surviving examples and they are tucked away in collections that aren't likely to sell them.  Now, you could get one of the re-issues and have it painted "calendar style" for much less and a whole lot less hassle.
Darrell's email is vxxfx(*at*) if you want to check prices on his services.  He's great to deal with, and really has an amazing knack for the vintage monster look.


Quote from: roheimiana on December 18, 2007, 11:23:08 PM
Hey, I'm jealous... Mr. Renta gave you TWICE AS MUCH green slime on the hair as I got!
I didn't know about the green slime story, so I was really surprised to see the green in the hair when I opened it.  It's hard to see it in the calendar portrait.  But, that's just a great example of the attention to detail that make Darrell and Dante such amazing talents. 

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So what is the green slime story?

... cue GREEN SLIME theme song.... Greeeeennn Slliiiiiimme!!
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That's a great looking mask, Andy! Beautiful job.  ;)

My personal belief is the 'green slime hair' is unique to the calender photo, and not used in actual Don Post production.

I have a guaranteed 100% original Newman calender Frankenstein- done in 1964 by Post for Disneyland (it is marked as such) which has no green slime in the hair, and the paint is much more typical production line-like (i.e. not like the calender photo), in shades of airbrush gray and black. Granted, it looks better (and more complicated) on the calender, but I have yet to see proof that Post actually spent 4 or 5 hours labor on each mask (or whatever it was they claimed...).

From what I've seen- in most cases- these new pulls/paint jobs emulate the "60s Don Post Mask Fantasy" much better than the actual surviving originals do, as they are 'done to specs'.


I agree that the green slime was unique to the Calendar Glenn:

As to why Verne Langdon added it, no one seems to know for sure. Basically, he was amusing himself by finishing a number of masks in garish colors for display in his own office. It was only later that someone came up with the idea of creating a calendar so there wasn't a lot of planning involved here.

My own theory is that Glenn picked up a dose of something nasty after succumbing to the quicksand at the end of House of Frankenstein:

Fortunately, he was later given antibiotics by Dr. Edelmann and the infection only lingered in his hair. Unfortunately, this episode has led to the false belief amongst some people that the Frankenstein monster is supposed to be green. :o

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That mask has always been my favorite as well...

There is also the much coveted "smooth" Glenn taken from the lifecast and headpiece.


Bob, you are correct.  I had to make a choice between finishing the mask "production" style, or "calendar" style.  Since my real love was for the way those calendars and magazines portrayed the Post masks, and I never actually had an original, I opted for the full calendar mask treatment.  I never really noticed that the Strange Frank had the green in the hair.