Wonderfest attendence

Started by Uncula, April 13, 2010, 06:19:19 AM

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This is Don "Uncula" Stout.  I want to go to Wonderfest 2010 but I can't afford to go on my own.  It was suggested that I post here and ask any UMA member (a guy since I'm marred and wouldn't want my wife to worry! LOL), would be driving through the N.E. side of Indianapolis,IN. If they are, I was wondering if they could give me a ride (I'd pay for half the gas and share a room, I would also pay my share of the room cost.  If that would seem feasible, email me at stouthouse(*at*)hotmail.com.  I hope to hear from someone soon.

     Don "Uncula" Stout
The children of the night.  What music they make!