Your Review On Snow White And The Hunstman Movie

Started by emazers, June 01, 2012, 01:50:30 PM

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Saw Snow White And The Huntsman Last Night, Both 300 Seat Theaters were sold out, "You Don't Have To Stay for the Final Credits, Nothing is Shown" Now about the Movie, All I can say it was just OK, Nothing great, Storyline was kind of Weak, but there was enough Action to keep you awake.  6/10 Score.


I have a hard enough time sitting through the trailer.

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My wife really wanted to go to a movie tonight, so this was the victim.  The reviews were pretty tepid, so my expectation was very low, and actually that was good because I liked it better than I thought I would.  No great shakes here by any stretch, but if you have any interest in it, I'd say worth a Red Box rental if you have nothing better to do.  There were some eye-rolling moments, but it was not hard to sit and watch.


Just saw the movie, I really enjoyed it! a different take on things but all and all it was a great film to see this summer!!

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Enjoyed it. Nothing to really write home about, but still good fun!
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It was a decent flick. Nice visuals and musical score. Kristen Stewart is the obvious weak link in my opinion, which is my guess as to why she was a main character and had so few lines.  Not a great movie, but the worst I have ever seen. I say 5-6/10
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