Don Post 100 Line Creature from the Black Lagoon Mask ??

Started by Spinal Remains, May 15, 2023, 10:00:07 PM

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Spinal Remains

so i got this at auction & wanted to see if anyone here is familiar with this mask, this is the first one iv seen, it looks like the DP 100 Line Creature (not a vintage one obliviously) but i don't know if its from a original DP mold or if its a new sculpt that was meant to be a tribute to the DP mask. Also its signed on the inside by someone, seller said it was from an estate sale & was modeled after the Brady Bunch ep with the monster masks.

here's the brady bunch pic :

& the Don Post 100 Line catalog pic :

thanks to for the pics

Mike Scott

It doesn't look like the original, but very nicely done. I'd love to have a DP100 Creature mask!
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Sir Masksalot

It looks like a tribute mask to me. I believe the guy who signed it used to post here under the name of "propman".


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Spinal Remains

thanks for the info guys 8) yea i thought it was a tribute type thing, i really think its cool