Local Me-TV channel gone - no more Sven.

Started by LugosiFan25, February 09, 2021, 11:40:30 PM

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I cut the cable/satellite bill about seven years ago and never looked back-- at my old house I could get MeTV via an antenna, but at my new house, ironically up on top of a very big hill, I can't.   So I lost Sven.  Then I signed up with a streaming service whose name I can't remember and they had Me so Sven was back, then they got shut down because you apparently can't stream local channels according to some nonsensical law so I lost him again.   Discovered LOCAST and had Sven back then they got shut down about a year or so ago-- but I just signed up with FRNDLY so I'll get to watch Sven again starting tonight at least until they get shut down too.

Thanks for the heads up!


You're very welcome.  I was using LOCAST too until it got shut down.  I think we stand a better chance with Frndlytv because they're not streaming a local channel.  I think it's a nation wide streaming deal.  I hope I'm correct on that. 

A while back, I emailed Sven himself about streaming his show and he said he couldn't because the film distributors wouldn't allow it.  That's the only concern. Wouldn't it stink to have MeTv available on Frndlytv, but then have Sven blacked out?  I pray something like that never happens, but so far - so good.  I've watched Sven on there the last 2 weeks.