R.I.P. Denis James McDougall (30 November 1953 - 20 June 2021)

Started by Hepcat, July 03, 2023, 04:17:20 PM

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I'm sad to report that long time monster model kit builder and UMA board member Mcdee passed away in 2021.

Denis James McDougall - Choice Memorial

Nice to see that his love for building monster models mentioned. Denis had intended to release a Gorgo's Gasser model kit based on the kit bash he'd assembled:


He'd gone so far as hire Doug Pagacz to render the box art:

Sadly his health problems brought the project to a halt.

Here as well is Denis' build of the Moebius Grim Reaper kit:

Collecting! It's what I do!

Mike Scott

Thanks for providing this obit! We wouldn't have know what happened to him, otherwise.

He was a talented guy and Gorgo's Gasser would have been a great kit!

R.I.P. Denis
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Quote from: Mike Scott on July 03, 2023, 07:00:22 PM...Gorgo's Gasser would have been a great kit!

Sadly all the pictures that he posted of Gorgo's Gasser have disappeared and I can't find any anywhere else either. Did anyone save them on hard drive?


Collecting! It's what I do!




I knew that Denis was ill and have lit some candles for him.  Sorry to hear this ... R.I.P.
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