Att. all collectors! Need help!

Started by Mike Scott, July 25, 2008, 03:43:56 PM

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Mike Scott

You may have seen the recreations of the Phoenix Candy "Dracula" and "Wolf Man" boxes (see pic on home page) that I've done. What I need is any pics you may have of the Mummy, Creature and Frankenstein (and Phantom, too, but not expecting that to happen) boxes that show the sides, tops and bottoms of the boxs. It doesn't matter what the size, or quality of the pic is, or how good the view is, just any old ebay photo or whatever you have. Of course, if anybody has one of those 3 (4) boxes and wants to provide scans of the needed parts, go to it! You can email the pics to me at unifan2001(*at*) Thanks!
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