King Kong vs Frankenstein (Ginko) Script

Started by YoungestMonsterKid, April 24, 2021, 10:43:51 PM

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Does anyone know if there's a place to actual read this script? In book or digital form? As you should all recall it was written by Willis O'Brien and ultimately led to King Kong vs Godzilla.
Honestly, the main reason I wanted to see it for myself is because there's this thing I keep seeing people repeat about how King Kong having lightning powers in "vs Godzilla" comes from this. Yet I've also seen people say this is completely false and that neither monster in this script has lightning powers. I do know a brief description of the supposed plot of this movie, but I'd love if I could lay everything to complete rest.

So in short, does anyone know if the script to King Kong vs Frankenstein/The Ginko has been published anywhere?