David Soul, 80....Salem's Lot, Starsky and hutch....

Started by Bizarro Jeff, January 06, 2024, 02:07:40 AM

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Bizarro Jeff

Some things are better not seen, some things are better lost than found...


I watched Magnum Force just last week.
I think the highlight scene in Salem's Lot for his participation was when he is making the cross and Mrs. Glick is starting to move and he calls out "Bill! Bill!" with obvious panic.

I have a memory of him appearing in a Casablanca remake but I know that has to be a nightmare and did not really happen.


I need a rewatch of Salem's Lot. One of my favs yet I haven't actually sat through it for a while. I actually binged through every season of Starsky and Hutch about 2-3 years ago. Great actor and singer. RIP! 🙏🙏🙏