The Irishman

Started by Monsters For Sale, November 02, 2019, 06:27:10 AM

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Monsters For Sale

I'm looking forward to seeing this movie when it come to Blu-Ray:

The participants certainly have a great record for working together.



My friends saw it in the theater. They say it's absolutely brilliant. I hope Netflix doesn't dick around the release.

Monsters For Sale

A trailer:

An interview:

A 3½ hr. movie covering a lot of years.  Bold use of digital "de-aging" technology to accommodate the older actors>


I kinda feel sorry for these guys.  Even as the interviewer is praising them for this current film, he is asking when we can expect the next one.  The curse of being excellent at your trade and doing great work is that your consumers/customers can never be satisfied.  They will always want MORE.

At their eulogies, someone will undoubtedly make the comment that they wish they could have stuck around to make "just one more" movie for us.

geezer butler

Here's my review of the Irishman (for what it's worth  ;) )

I liked it, but didn't love it. I really liked the supporting cast: Joe Pesci, Ray Romano, Harvey Keitel, Stephen Graham etc.

My main problem with the film is it's too ambitious imo. Scorsese crams in too much. I would rather watch fewer details of Frank Sheeran's life, but give those fewer aspects room to breathe in the film. 

This is a minor thing, and I know others have pointed this out too, but you can use all the CGI de-ageing programs in the world, but DeNiro and Pacino don't move like 40 yr old guys anymore. The most egregious example was the scene where DeNiro is supposed to be in his 40s and beats up the grocer. DeNiro's face may look younger in the scene but his body language was dead giveaway.

Now, I'm not sure how much people want to get into this, but it's an occupational hazard for me. Lotta you guys know i'm a criminologist in my day job.  Gangs and org crime are my sub-specializations. I've interviewed some of the Detroit FBI agents who investigated Hoffa's disappearance. And I'm talking about FBI guys who were active in 75 and were investigating from day one. I've interviewed retired US Attorneys and old school dudes from the underworld. I know I'm not the first to go public with this but the consensus among researchers, investigators, and mob guys is: Frank Sheeran was full of $_*t.
He certaintly did not kill Joey Gallo or Sal Brigguglio. In fact, my FBI sources do not believe Frank killed anyone. They also think he embellished his relationship with Hoffa. The underworld guys say that too. Again, for what it's worth, but in my professional opinion Frank did not kill Hoffa. I don't think he anything to do with it actually. I do believe, however, that Hoffa's body was incinerated in Detroit. I do not believe investigators will find his body in some Jersey landfill. Just my opinion.

Don't get me wrong, this in no way influenced my viewing of the film. I watch and enjoy a lot of biographical films regardless of their historical accuracy.