Four Color Comics has a set of CFTBL Lobby Cards

Started by Rex fury, February 08, 2024, 03:50:46 PM

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Rex fury

I just completed a purchase from Four Color Comics and noticed they have a set of lobby cards from the movie. I don't collect them, but I thought some our members might be interested. There's no price listed but they are asking for offers- might be a little spendy is my guess-
At any rate, here's their website:



I've dealt with Four Color Comics and I like them.

Collecting! It's what I do!


owner decided to change the price on an item I wanted to buy. I would avoid!

Rex fury

Sorry you had a negative experience with these folks. In my case, they significantly dropped the price on a 1950's western comic I wanted. An Avon comic, Jesse James 5, featuring a Wood interior page and three Kubert stories. I'd seen it offered by another seller, in less collectible condition, for a higher price.
Four Color came through with the better offer and the better copy.

On top of that, the business called me (yes you read that right) to follow up on the purchase. I've collected, worked on, and sold comics since 1965 and I've never had a seller call me to see if I was happy with my purchase. That to me is great customer service. I'll definitely do business with these folks again.



Rob's a good guy and a family man, small time shop.  I had once offered him a lower price on an item and he ended up raising the price because he thought it was too low.  I don't hold it against him.  If you're willing to lower a price (as he's done for me many times over) you as a buyer have to be OK with it going the other way too.   It's just business.