Third Annual Universal Monster Mash at the Mahoning Drive-in (Leighton, PA), Aug

Started by segeorge, March 24, 2019, 09:46:51 PM

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The line up for the third annual Universal Monster Mash at the Mahoning Drive-in  in Leighton, PA, has been announced:

Friday, August 9 is Revenge of the Creature and The Mummy's Hand
Saturday, August 10 is Frankenstein Meets the Wolf-Man and House of Dracula


Collecting! It's what I do!

Sir Masksalot

That's a fun weekend of movies for those lucky Pennsylvanians and what a graphic! I love that Kharis stunt mask, stretch marks and all!


I'm understandably excited about this weekend's double double feature.  5 awesome monsters in 4 great films.

But I'm not overly thrilled by this year's poster.  I really like the design, but I'm not fond of the execution.  The hands just don't look right to me, especially the Creature's fingers and the finger/hand ratio of the Wolf Man.  They're usually only $5, so I may get one anyway.  It's a nice souvenir. But the advertisement image (above) is so much better.


Another year, another Mash!

This year's was the best yet. Not only was the weather perfect, but it was amazingly well attended, with people coming from New Orleans, Canada, Ireland, and Spain.

There were also some old friends stalking around.

Of course, Creach kept to himself

And Dracula pretended to be above it all

Eventually, the Monster went on a rampage

Providing more room in the tomb to get chummy with the Mummy

And as I expected, I bought the poster.  The artist signed and numbered them.  And seeing that the one I picked up was numbered with the year I was born, I really couldn't resist it (everybody likes a good coincidence)